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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a strong ensemble cast, and even minor characters have full character arcs over the course of the show.

Rebecca Bunch
played by Rachel Bloom

Paula Proctor
played by Donna Lynne Champlin

Heather Davis
played by Vella Lovell

Valencia Perez
played by Gabrielle Ruiz

Josh Chan
played by Vincent Rodriguez III

Greg Serrano
played by Santino Fontana and Skylar Astin

Nathaniel Plimpton III
played by Scott Michael Foster

Darryl Whitefeather
played by Pete Gardner


All Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs - Youtube

Season 1

  1. West Covina
  2. The Sexy Getting Ready Song
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme Song
  4. I'm So Good At Yoga
  5. Feeling Kinda Naughty
  6. Face Your Fears
  7. I Have Friends
  8. A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes
  9. Sex With a Stranger
  10. Settle for Me
  11. I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way)
  12. I'm a Good Person
  13. I Give Good Parent
  14. What'll It Be?
  15. Sexy French Depression
  16. His Status is Preferred
  17. Where's the Bathroom?
  18. California Christmastime
  19. Women Gotta Stick Together
  20. Dear Joshua Felix Chan
  21. Having a Few People Over
  22. Put Yourself First
  23. Textmergency
  24. Where is the Rock?
  25. You Stupid Bitch
  26. Group Hang
  27. Romantic Moments
  28. Cold Showers
  29. JAP Battle
  30. Flooded with Justice