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Crazy Jane (Kay Challis)
Played by Diane Guerrero

Rita Farr (Elasti-Woman)
Played by April Bowlby

Larry Trainor (Negative Man)
Played by Matt Bomer

Cliff Steele (Robot Man)
Played by Brendan Fraser

Cyborg (Victor Stone)
Played by Joivan Wade

The Chief (Niles Caulder)
Played by Timothy Dalton

Mr. Nobody
Played by Alan Tudyk

Steve Larson (Animal Vegetable Mineral Man)
Played by Alec Mapa


# Name Airdate
01 Pilot 2/15/19
02 Donkey Patrol 2/22/19
03 Puppet Patrol 3/1/19
04 Cult Patrol 3/8/19
05 Paw Patrol 3/15/19
06 Doom Patrol Patrol 3/22/19
The gang meets the original Doom Patrol.
07 Therapy Patrol 3/29/19
We all need to work through our issues.
08 Danny Patrol 4/5/19
Vic and Larry befriend a genderqueer street. Karen's getting married!
09 Jane Patrol 4/12/19
Cliff travels to the Underground to find Jane.
10 Hair Patrol 4/19/19
We learn about Niles's past. The Beard Hunter searches for the Chief.
11 Frances Patrol 4/26/19
Cliff hunts for an alligator. Larry reunites with his ex-lover.
12 Cyborg Patrol 5/3/19
13 Flex Patrol 5/10/19
14 Penultimate Patrol 5/17/19
15 Ezekiel Patrol 5/24/19

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