!~! aBouT mE ~!!!~

hi!!! im Mortal but most people call me MC! i'm 25 years old (born September 12, 1994).

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this site is a throwback to the time in my life (around 2004-5) when i didn't have internet access but was obsessed with the internet and made little websites on my computer. The mid-late 2000's are a period of deep nostalgia for me right now. i saw the term "the rawring 20's" and felt it in my soul. my AIM username was rawr ebil around 2008. i love the idea that you don't have to be particularly good at something to enjoy doing it. this is an experiment in putting something out there, in being earnest and overzealous and proud and happy. idk <3

I have one older sibling who has one kid, my five-year-old nibling <3 I love them both! I also love my mom and Dad, they are divorced from each other but have new partners. I'm lucky enough to have a great set of grandparents on my dad's side as well, and a lot of awesome cousins and aunts and uncles on both sides ^_^

My best friend and partner's name is Newman, we have been together for since Halloween 2014 - so almost five years :O We like to watch TV and movies, cook and eat delicious food, play video games, listen to music and go to concerts, and share memes with each other.

I'm a proud member of the LGBT community! I'm bisexual and transgender. I identify mostly as male, though i'm also genderfluid, so my sense of gender changes. In galactian terms, I identify as solarian (masculine), aurorian (fluid), and equinoxian (partially nonbinary and feminine). Other identity terms I identify with: asexual (partially as a challenge to the idea that sexuality should be so important to society); demisexual; demiboy / demiman.

I write music! Here's my Soundcloud. I've recently started writing music with my boyfriend too, he writes the lyrics and i arrange the music :) You can see my favorite musical artists on my faves page, I'm very inspired by the musicians i like when i'm writing songs of my own!

In May 2019, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. it's an important part of my identity precisely because one of the symptoms is having an unstable sense of identity. Sometimes I feel like a different person from hour to hour. It's hard for me to pin down who I am or who I want to be so I'm still figuring things out.