~~ !! Tv ShOwS i LiKe !! ~~

These are all my favorite TV shows, and most of the TV shows that I've watched :D


Show Network Years
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend The CW Oct. '15 - April '19
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of my all time favorite shows. Alongside comedy and musical numbers, the show portrays a fairly respectful and relatable depiction of mental illness, specifically Borderline Personality Disorder, a diagnosis that I share with the main character. I love that it's a musical, and like Bojack Horseman, it combines extreme absurdity with extreme emotional and consequentioal realness.
Doom Patrol DC Universe Feb. '19 - Present
Doom Patrol is my perfect superhero series. A team of disabled misfits who have to confront their own fears and hang-ups in order to become the heroes that they're meant to be.
Bojack Horseman Netflix Aug. '14 - Present
I love Bojack Horseman because it combines silly animated animal shenanigans with real emotional stakes.
Adventure Time Cartoon Network April '10 - Sept. '18
Adventure Time gives me nostalgia for my early days of high school and a life i didn't live at the time - the #scenecore aesthetic i'm so into nowadays, that classmates who i admired embodied, and they were fans of Adventure Time. To me, Adventure Time represents growing up.
Futurama Fox / Comedy Central March '99 - Sep. '13
A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Jan. '17 - Jan. '19
The series of young adult novels that this series is based on meant a lot to me as a kid. The bleak lives of the Baudelaire children made my own neglectful, abusive home life feel more tolerable, and the dark comedic tone would inform my sense of humor and aesthetics for years to come. The TV adaptation is a perfect representation of the novels, from the casting to the production design. I couldn't be happier to see such a beloved part of my childhood translated perfectly onscreen.
The Chris Gethard Show MNN / Fusion / truTV June '11 - May '18
The only talk show that could make this list, The Chris Gethard Show is goofy, unconventional, and heartfelt.
Home Movies Adult Swim April '99 - April '04
Undone Amazon Prime Video Sep '19 - Present
Naoki Urasawa's Monster April '04-Sep. '05
Atlanta FX Sep. '16 - Present
Surreal. Brian Tyree Henry's performance.
Pushing Daisies ABC Oct. '07 - June '09
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency BBC America Oct. '16 - Dec. '17
Charming and fun.
American Horror Story FX Oct. '11 - Present
Terriers FX Sep '10 - Dec. '10
Terriers is a show that only got one season but deserved so much more. With incredible performances from all the leads, including one of the best portrayals of a recovering addict in Donal Logue's Hank, brilliant writing and neo-noir tone, this show deserves to be remembered - and released on DVD!
Devilman Crybaby
From the creator of one of my favorite movies (Mind Game) comes Devilman Crybaby, a magnificent visceral romp especially the last few episodes. Sensually animated ;)
Bob's Burgers Fox Jan. '11 - Present
I started watching Bob's Burgers because my Uncle Fred and Aunt Jen recommended it. It's a show I've watched over and over again, something comforting that consistently makes me smile with the little animated touches and character humor.
Future Man Hulu Nov. '17 - Present
Jessica Jones Netflix Nov. '15 - June '19
Of the Marvel Netflix shows, this and the Punisher were the standouts for me.
The Punisher Netflix Nov. '17 - Jan. '19
Regular Show Cartoon Network Sep. '10 - Jan. '17
The Venture Brothers Adult Swim Aug. '04 - Present
Zombieland Saga Oct. '18 - Dec. '18
The Good Place NBC Sep. '16 - Present
Steven Universe Cartoon Network May '13 - Present
Mission Hill The WB / Adult Swim Sep. '99 - Aug. '02
The Oblongs The WB / Adult Swim April '01 - Oct. '02
Legion FX Feb. '17 - Present
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo ABC Sep. '88 - Aug. '91
Garfield and Friends CBS Sep. '88 - Dec. '94
Fargo FX April '14 - Present
Swamp Thing (2019) DC Universe May '19 - Aug. '19
Dragon Ball Super July '15 - March '18
Mob Psycho 100 July '16 - Present
Daria MTV March '97 - Jan. '02
Chowder Cartoon Network Nov. '07 - Aug. '10
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Cartoon Network June '08 - Aug. '10
Flapjack hits two nails for me, nostalgia and aesthetics. It's dark and weird, while somehow being cute and saccharine, and embodies the late 2000's penchant for the "spooky cute."
Russian Doll Netflix Feb. '19 - Present
This was a really compelling and unconventional sci-fi series. Natasha Lyonne
Santa Clarita Diet Netflix Feb. '17 - March '19
Newman and I had a lot of fun binge watching this one.
Happy! Syfy Dec. '17 - May '19
Rurouni Kenshin Jan. '96 - Sep. '98
Newman's favorite anime, Rurouni Kenshin speaks to me largely for its frequent anti-suicide messaging. No matter how bad a person's actions, Kenshin will never condone their suicide. Instead, it's a show about moving forward and finding a new way to live.
Andy Barker, PI NBC March '07 - April '07
This sadly short-lived comedy follows Andy Richter as Andy Barker, an accountant who accidentally stumbles into private investigating due to his office placement. With only six episodes and no finale, Andy Barker, PI
Scrubs NBC / ABC Oct. '01 - March '10
Psych USA July '06 - March '14
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox Jan. '08 - April '09
The Devil is a Part-Timer! April '13 - June '13
Satan works at a McDonald's. Lots of fun.
Tuca and Bertie Netflix May 2019
Pokemon: Indigo League Kids WB Sep '98 - Nov '99
Community NBC / Yahoo! Screen Sep '09 - June '15
Marginal#4 Winter 2017
Newman and I clicked on this show as a joke, but once it started playing we realized that we'd found a hilarious gem of an anime.
Over the Garden Wall Cartoon Network Nov. '14
The dark tone and morbid subject matter is unexpected but fresh and welcome in this children's show.
I Love Lucy CBS Oct. '51 - May '57
For a 60 year old show, I Love Lucy has held up extremely well. Lucille Ball's hilarious performances and facial expressions are still fresh, and the situational comedy is still funny. I used to watch this show on TV Land at my grandma's house when I stayed up late.
Gravity Falls Disney Channel / Disney XD June '12 - Feb. '16
Spooky-cute and clever. Newman associates this show heavily with our relationship because we were watching it the first night that we cuddled.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia FX '05 - Present
This edgy comedy is hard to pin down, toeing the line between offensiveness and irony and always finding a way to stay fresh.
LA to Vegas Fox Jan. '18 - May '18
Short-lived but packed with laughs, LA to Vegas was a standout sitcom for its strong characters and performances. Newman and I tuned in week to week to watch chaotic wackiness in a creative workplace setting. Dylan McDermott and Peter Stormare shine comedically, with Kim Matula providing a strong center for the cast.
Rugrats Nickelodeon Aug. '91 - Aug. '04
Spongebob Squarepants Nickelodeon May '99 - Present
Only the first three seasons give me the hit of nostalgia that I expect from an episode of Spongebob, but those first three seasons are absolute classics that my generation has latched onto for a very good reason. The unadulterated whimsy shines through perfectly with some perfect voice acting from actors like Tom Kenny and Rodger Bumpass.
Hey Arnold! Nickelodeon Oct. '96 - June '04
Persona 4 the Animation July '14 - Sep. '14
American Vandal Netflix Sep. '17 - Sep. '18
Samurai Jack Cartoon Network / Adult Swim Aug. '01 - May '17
Beautiful animation and inventive episode plots.
Cracked After Hours Youtube '10 - '17
Cannon Busters Netflix
Euphoria HBO
Mindhunter Netflix Present
Switched at Birth Freeform June '11 - April '17
This show succeeds at its goal of introducing your average hearing person to Deaf issues. More than the "Switched at Birth" premise, the Deaf characters, their families and the storylines surrounding them stand out as the show's strength. It's so cool to see people making impassioned speeches in sign language, although I do wish that the camera would focus more on the signing. I didn't watch the entire series, but this one handled your typical teen drama topics with more respect than your typical teen drama.
Galavant ABC Jan. '15 - Jan. '16
Superstore NBC Nov. '15 - Present
This one surprised me. Funnier and better written than I expected it to be, with the added bonus of being on the more liberal politics side, going so far as to encourage unionization and acknowledge the problems that prevent American workers from unionizing.
Californication Showtime Aug '07 - June '14
This show has a lot of problems, and by season 7 it's practically unwatchable. But while it's good, it has a lot of charm. This is a show that Newman watched as it was airing and that we watched together, and it reminds me of him, not least because the character of Hank Moody is a crass, pot-smoking writer like my boyfriend. So for that alone it holds a special place in my heart.
How I Met Your Mother CBS Sep. '05 - March '14
Rocko's Modern Life Nickelodeon Sep. '93 - Nov. '96
With its bright colors, wacky fun, and whimsical animation, Rocko's Modern Life showcases the quintessential late '90s Nickelodeon aesthetic. The recent special, Static Cling, brought me to put this on the list, as it updates the show without losing all the elements that make it Rocko.
King of the Hill Fox Jan. '97 - May '10
There are some episodes of this show that I simply cannot watch, but for the most part, the first several seasons were fairly solid.
Family Guy Fox Jan. '99 - Present
Though the show is often rightfully maligned for its crude and referential sense of humor and problematic elements, I still find frequent moments delightfully funny, and having grown up with the series, comforting.
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Netflix July '15
Barry HBO March '18 - Present
Westworld HBO Oct. '16 - Present
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Netflix
Watched seasons 1-3 in August 2019.
Good Omens Amazon Prime Video
Live action. Completed when aired. Good Omens is my favorite book. This isn't my favorite adaptation, but it's a solid showing and has a lot of the wit and charm of the original.
The Legend of Korra Nickelodeon Apr. '12 - Dec. '14
Mad Dogs Amazon Prime Video Jan '15 - Jan '16
Live action. Completed September 2019. A group of tenuous friends try to survive their vacation. Executive Produced by Shawn Ryan of Terriers, another favorite of mine and Newman's, Mad Dogs has good writing centered around interesting characters and relationships, portrayed adeptly by the main cast: Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperioli, Romany Malco, and Steve Zahn. Allison Tolman of Fargo also makes an excellent appearance.
The Simpsons Fox Dec. '89 - Present
Cartoon. Nostalgia. Like many critics, I haven't continued to enjoy the show in its recent seasons, but classic Simpsons makes me think of some really nice times with my sibling. They had DVDs of the Simpsons and we'd watch them while they were living with their then-partner in a quonset hut ... Those were good times, and the Simpsons always makes me think of them. Of course, the show was quotably funny, and had a lot of heart, occasionally even having something to say.
Seinfeld NBC July '89 - May '98
Live action sitcom. Nostalgia. Seinfeld is a favorite of my sibling's, and gives me nostalgia for spending time with them.
Invader Zim
Cartoon. Nostalgia.
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Cartoon. Nostalgia.
Cartoon. Nostalgia.
My Life as a Teenage Robot
The Masked Singer
Watched season one with mom, sib and nibling <3 It's a fun reality show and judge Ken Jeong makes the show 100% more charming.
Pen15 Hulu
This show was recommended to me by my sib and their friends. It reminds me of them and the nostalgia for middle school in the late 90s / early aughts.
What We Do In The Shadows
Not as funny as the movie, but a still pretty funny spooky show.
The Haunting of Hill House Netflix
A fairly solid horror show / family drama.
Rhythm + Flow Netflix
Got into this after watching an episode with sibling during Thanksgiving. My fave is Old Man Saxon. It's really amazing the amount of work that the contestants are really doing. The time constraints are even more intense than most musical reality shows and that's with the contestants writing their own material on the fly. Really fun watch.
Bong Appetit VICE
Just a comforting combination of two things that I enjoy. Includes a wide variety of cultural foods, one episode is a Filipino kamayan dinner which made me happy to see. The host is wholesome and charming. I like that it's a cooking show that's completely laid back, as opposed to a lot of competitive cooking shows.
Neo Yokio Netflix
Danny Phantom
Tin Man Syfy


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